SuperMate, Enterprise SMSF software to simplify SMSF administration

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Enterprise SMSF Solution

A tailored solution to suit your growing SMSF business.


The only Enterprise SMSF administration platform business in Australia


As an enterprise solution with end-to-end technology and administration capability, we can integrate with client and supplier applications.

We own our general ledger software, our workflow solution and processes, DataHero™ document automation. We have our own client portal and all linking end-to-end to the technology platform that we own, control, and can scale.

Who we are



We are one of only three SMSF accounting software solutions in the market.


We are the only accounting software provider to small APRA funds (SAF) in the market.


We are an approved SuperStream and ATO Digital Service Provider participant.


We are a business with deep technical in-house expertise to support the complex needs of SMSF.

New era of SuperConcepts

SuperConcepts (including SuperMate) was acquired from AMP in June 2023 by Pemba Capital Partners and an experienced management team led by Matthew Rowe. This is a new era of "Owner Mentality" for the business.

✓ New management has embarked on a major change program with promising early indicators and positive customer feedback.

✓ Administering over 13,000 SMSFs and investment portfolios across direct customers, financial advisers and accounting firms.

✓ The only administrator with its own proprietary software with industry leading, enterprise grade cyber security.

Complete Suite of Services

 End-to-end administration services for SMSFs, including ongoing tax and compliance services.

• Full-Service and wholesale product offerings
• SMSF establishment or transfer
• Compliance monitoring & reporting
• Tax return preparation & lodgement
• 24/7 access via online Dashboard
• Establishment & administration of pensions
• Facilitation of Audit
• Mail house & document storage


Enterprise SMSF software to enable the administration of SMSFs by a practitioner.

• Cloud based SMSF software
• 24/7 dashboard, available on any device
• Automated data downloads
• Workflow process management
• Automated & customised reporting
• Event-based reporting 
• Automated transaction processing & reconciliation
• E2E pension processing
• AI-enabled DMS

A series of other services to benefit SMSF trustees and practitioners.
• SMSF Documentation Services for non-administration clients
• Investment Portfolio Services: Administration services for investment portfolios belonging to individuals, companies, family trusts, charitable foundations, deceased estates and other entities.

Here, we offer

Bundled pricing structure

Embrace our bundled offer, combining SMSF administration with priority lodgment, corporate trustee maintenance, SuperDepot, and SMSF documentation services. This integrated approach ensures a streamlined process and cost-efficiency, tailored to the specific needs of enterprise-level clients.

Dedicated client service team

Benefit from a dedicated client service team, committed to understanding and meeting your enterprise's unique SMSF requirements. Our team provides personalised attention, swift responses, and knowledgeable support, ensuring your experience is smooth, efficient, and highly responsive.

Specialised SMSF technical support

Leverage our expert SMSF technical support, offering in-depth guidance on complex SMSF queries and strategies. With our specialised support, your enterprise gains access to advanced SMSF insights and solutions, enhancing decision-making and compliance in the evolving SMSF landscape.

Tailored Integrations & Data Feeds

Optimize your enterprise's efficiency with custom, seamless integrations and real-time SMSF data feeds. Our solution ensures easy access, streamlined decision-making, and compatibility with your existing systems for a smooth SMSF management experience.

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