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New dashboard will streamline and deliver better services to all SuperConcepts clients

Jan 14, 2021, 12:41 PM

All SuperConcepts clients can now enjoy a streamlined customer service experience after the successful migration of all clients to a new platform that will deliver a vastly improved raft of services.

A vision that began in 2016 was formally completed over the Christmas break with the entire SuperConcepts technology and development team banding together to ensure clients would return in the new year to the new consolidated platform.

Clients will now be able to enjoy a clean dashboard that is easier to use and provides up-to-date information on their funds as well as being able to initiate requests to respond to tasks from accountants more easily. It also allows clients access to the documentation 24/7 while the streamlined work processes that underpin the new dashboard will make it more efficient for clients.

Chief Technology Officer Brad Ackermann said the new platform would not only be easier to use for clients but would allow SuperConcepts to deliver better services to all clients moving forward.

"This new dashboard delivers our customers a better and more consistent experience. As well as that it gives us that one workflow and the one dashboard for all of our customers going forward and it really enables us to streamline processes, give better delivery to customers and be more consistent,” he said.

The consolidation and migration process was done in stages to minimise customer disruptions with the last group of several thousand clients moved over to the new dashboard over the Christmas break.

General Manager Operations and Customer Service Kevin Sudlow said the new dashboard had been designed to improve every aspect of the customer experience and said the benefits would enable them to have greater control over their funds from any location in the world, at any time.

“There was an 18-month collaboration process that saw all of our teams design, build and test an end-state solution which would meet the needs of our advisers and trustees. This included enhancements to the dashboard, billing systems, workflows and processes,” he said.

“This comprehensive consolidation is going to deliver better functionality to all of our customers in an easy to use system, while it also enables us to better assist all of our clients with streamlined workflows and easier access to information.”

The project team will continue to support any issues over the first few weeks of January and if you have any questions about a migrated fund please contact your SuperConcepts representative.