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SMSF admin approach has changed – we can help

Nov 14, 2017, 09:09 AM

With this year’s super reforms, we’ve witnessed the biggest changes to superannuation in over a decade.

The changes present obvious challenges to practitioners within the SMSF industry: from understanding the new rules, their practical application and any advice-adjustments required, through to the demand from clients for up-to-date fund information.

The 2017 reforms, together with those that are inevitably ahead of us, prompt important questions for SMSF professionals: How best are self-managed funds supported? Is there a better, more relevant approach than the traditional year-end servicing model?

Mark Ellem, one of the country’s foremost SMSF experts, addresses these themes in his recent white paper. In it, he looks at the forces that are driving practitioners from a single-touch servicing approach to a more progressive, technology-enabled model that accommodates new reporting requirements and enhances efficiency, growth and profitability. Maybe you’ve read it?

How we can help your business become more efficient and profitable

SuperConcepts was born out of a desire to explore new approaches to managing SMSFs and to challenge accepted ideas. We offer an innovative, integrated and flexible range of solutions for a broad range of businesses, from SME to large nationwide clients and everything in between.

Our award-winning SMSF accounting software draws on more than 30 years of experience and is packed with clever features that take the complexity out of SMSF administration.

Our system is fully integrated offering analytics, workflows and regulatory reporting reflecting the latest legislation. Plus, it connects your clients with a selected bunch of related SMSF services such as investment products, saving them an enormous amount of time and effort.

We can even do the fund processing work ourselves, enabling you to choose how much you outsource or do yourself.

Either way, we’re an easy extension to your business and can easily be white-labelled to present as your brand.

An even better move for 2018

Be on the right side of change with SuperConcepts. Contact us about our market-leading special offers, designed to enable efficiency and growth in your business, ensuring the shift to us will be worth the effort.