Back-office webinar

The Webinar runs for 40 mins and comprehensively details our structure, services, costs, portal, processes and more...

Build better margins in your planning and accounting practice

Our MoreSuper solution is a wholly-owned SuperConcepts wholesale product designed for Accountants.

Please fill the form to watch the free webinar on how the SuperConcepts MoreSuper solution can help you.


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What does the webinar include?

We discuss why our model appeals to accountants and financial planners and how you can bolster your income streams by using our services

We also jump into our portal to show you how our system works and map the next steps for your business


In this webinar you will learn:

  • Get an overview of our end-to-end SMSF services 
  • See a live demo of our SMSF platform
  • Learn how to order the setup of a new fund or add fund to our portal
  • Know how to engage our services and communicate with our team

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