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Investment Portfolio Services

Take the hassle out of administering investment portfolios so that you can focus on investing and implementing financial strategies. By combining a wealth of experience with the use of the latest technology, SuperConcepts provides fund and portfolio information online, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

We'll help administer your investment portfolio

We offer a comprehensive administration function for investment portfolios belonging to individuals, companies, family trusts, charitable foundations, deceased estates and other entities.

The service caters for a wide range of assets and is delivered with the same level of quality and expertise as our SMSF Administration services. 
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Explore our investment portfolio administration features


24/7 Online Access

Our online dashboard enables easy collaboration between yourself and our team to monitor your investments all in one place.



Daily administration

Daily bank reconciliation, investment purchase and sales reconciliation. 


Day-to-day administration

Dividend processing, managed fund distribution processing, interest income recording, and expense allocation.


Key reporting

Annual tax reporting, cash flow reporting, and capital gains maintenance.


Investment reporting

Investment re-valuations daily, asset allocation tracking, specific asset performance.


One viewpoint

View both your investment portfolio and SMSF from one login access

Full details about our service features, fees, and charges are outlined in the Administration Services Guide (ASG)

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