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SMSF Adventures with SuperConcepts

This podcast is your must-have analysis of SMSF strategy and insights. So, whether you're a trustee, adviser or accountant, the independent information provided by industry experts, every episode will help guide you in decision-making regarding self-managed superannuation funds.

Latest episodes

Season 3 Episode 20
Open Banking, No Passwords?

Open Banking is reshaping the SMSF landscape. With the ability to securely access real-time financial data from various accounts, SMSF trustees will be able to obtain data faster, to get a holistic view of their funds.

Season 3 Episode 19
SMSF investing in Unit Trusts

Many SMSFs invest in traditional investments such as shares, bonds, cash and property. However, did you know they can also invest in private companies and unit trusts linked to those associated with the fund?

Season 3 Special Episode
Federal Budget Update: No New Detail on $3 Million Cap

The Federal Budget was handed down this Tuesday. However, there was no further detail provided on the workings of the $3 million cap and increased tax on super balances and a minor reference to the purpose of superannuation.

Season 3 Episode 18
How to purchase a property through an SMSF

SMSFs have always been a popular vehicle for property investment in recent years. However, it's important for trustees to be aware of the rules and conditions that come with this investment strategy.

Season 3 Episode 17
The Rise of ETFs in SMSF

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have become increasingly popular among SMSF investors due to their cost-effective way to invest in a diversified portfolio of shares or bonds.

Season 3 Episode 16
Preparing for changes to the TBAR regime

In this episode, your host Jessica Griffith speaks to Anthony Cullen, Senior SMSF Technical Specialist, to discuss the reporting obligations for self-managed super funds and how to prepare for it.

Season 3 Episode 15
Generation X's guide to SMSFs

In this episode, your host Jessica Griffith speaks to Nicholas Ali, Executive Manager, SMSF Technical Support, to discuss what strategies may appeal to Generation X when it comes to SMSF and how it works.

Season 3 Episode 14
Preparing your SMSF for the upcoming changes to the TBC

Senior SMSF technical specialist Anthony Cullen was interviewed by co-hosts Miranda Brownlee and Aaron Dunn to discuss the $200,000 increase in the general Transfer Balance Cap (TBC) and how it may apply to SMSF trustees and professionals.

Season 3 Episode 13
A guide to automated data feeds and Open Banking

One of the key challenges SMSF trustees can face is staying on top of the transactions within their funds. That’s where data feeds come in.

Season 3 Episode 12
Super New Year resolutions for 2023

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take control of your superannuation. Even though we are already halfway through the financial year, it is not too late to review your contribution strategies and make changes for the next half.

Season 3 Episode 11
SMSFs and the Australian economy - what's in store?

With the challenges posed by rising interest rates, inflation, market volatility and geopolitical tension, there has been a spike in SMSF establishments over the past few months.

Season 3 Episode 10
New superannuation rules around divorce and splitting super

When a relationship ends, dividing and rebuilding your superannuation can be difficult. There are, however, estate planning strategies you can take into consideration to make splitting super during a divorce as pain-free as possible.

Season 3 Episode 9
SMSFs and audit - How can we do better?

Audit is the last box to tick, in a long line of checks and balances when it comes to the annual maintenance of an SMSF. Tune in now to learn more about how inflation is affecting the process and general tips on how to approach audit time.

Season 3 Special Episode
Federal budget - A very light touch on superannuation

The federal budget was handed down this Tuesday. Superannuation has received a light touch from the new government to the relief of many, considering the circulating rumors but did not come to fruition.

Season 3 Episode 8
Director ID deadline fast approaches

If you are an existing director of a company appointed before 31 October 2021, you have until 30 November 2022 to apply for your Director Identification Number. Failure to do so could result in penalties for non-compliance.

Season 3 Episode 7
Is an SMSF right for you?

Are you considering your superannuation options? Are you looking for greater control over your retirement savings?

Season 3 Episode 6
Interest rate rises and SMSFs - The impact

With another rate rise looming, and economists predicting an inflation surge, SMSF trustees are facing ongoing concerns. How will self-managed funds be affected?

Season 3 Episode 5
Five key things you should know about super contributions

Contributions can play an essential role in a self-managed superannuation fund. A key source of superannuation contributions has been through the employer however additional amounts can also be contributed by individuals themselves.

Season 3 Episode 4
How to read your SMSF statements?

Just like a retail or industry fund sends you regular reports on your total super balance as well as your returns, your SMSF is also required to keep you in the loop and informed about how your nest egg is performing.

Season 3 Episode 3
What can a self-managed super fund invest in?

Many individuals choose SMSFs because of the added flexibility and broad range of asset classes available to investors. However, as to the types of investments, an SMSF can acquire so, what exactly can you include in your self-managed nest egg?

Season 3 Episode 2
New financial year tips for SMSF trustees

Tune in to hear about important legal documentation updates, legislative changes to super, considerations for younger trustees, and suggestions for those wanting to start their SMSF journey this new financial year.

Season 3 Episode 1
Hill v Zuda - The impact on SMS documentation

This case ultimately impacts SMSF documentation by looking at whether an SMSF can have a binding death benefit nomination (BDBN) that differs from that prescribed in the superannuation legislation and regulations.



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