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SMSF Adventures Season 2

Season 2 Episode 22
EOFY considerations for SMSF trustees

As another financial year draws to a close, there has been much discussion around the impending changes to contribution rules, effective 1 July 2022.  But what does this mean for SMSF trustees?  

Season 2 Episode 21
What happens to your SMSF when you die?


When it comes to estate planning, superannuation is typically one of the largest assets so it’s important to get it right. Unfortunately, as superannuation savings continue to accumulate, the number of death benefit related disputes in the SMSF space is also increasing.

Season 2 Episode 20
SMSF Association National Conference highlights


After a few long years of virtual interaction, it was great to resume face-to-face networking last month at the 2022 SMSF Association National Conference in Adelaide.

Season 2 Episode 19
SMSF software - Is it really worth it?

As consumers, we are innately aware of the art of upselling – it is everywhere, and, unfortunately, the financial services industry is not immune to the frills that naturally come with commerce.

Season 2 Episode 18
The current global crisis and SMSFs with Shane Oliver

The current economic climate is one of instability and, unsurprisingly, we’re seeing a downturn in the financial market. With the ongoing pandemic, flooding in the north of Australia, and the devastating crisis unfolding in Europe, will superannuation take a hit and can we expect to see retirement savings erode?

Season 2 Episode 17
The impact of Federal Budget measures on super

Several measures around superannuation and retirement were announced in the May 2021 Federal Budget, with the majority taking effect from 1 July 2022. Whilst most of these adjustments are to existing measures, it’s important to know-how, or if, they impact you when they come into effect.

Season 2 Episode 16
Increasing your SMSF administration efficiencies

SMSFs come with a range of administrative requirements so, it’s not uncommon to find yourself buried under administrative paperwork as lodgment deadlines approach.

Season 2 Episode 15
SMSF Trust Deeds - Set and forget?

A Trust Deed – it is the one thing every SMSF has in common and one of the first considerations when establishing a fund. Given that it is essentially a roadmap for the fund, governing how it is set up and operates, it’s surprising that many consider it a set-and-forget document.

Season 2 Episode 14
Do I need a professional for my SMSF?

SMSFs are a great way to gain flexibility and control over your retirement however, it's a big responsibility, takes a lot of time and comes with the complexities of compliance regulations. But, do you really need the help of a professional to maintain your SMSF? 

Season 3 Episode 13
The 2022 outlook for SMSFs – What’s in store?

The beginning of the year is always an excellent opportunity to draw up a bit of a roadmap and help us explore the world of SMSFs. We have Nicholas Ali to discuss what key themes SMSF trustees and members should bear in mind for 2022.

Season 2 Episode 12
Can an SMSF receive gifts at Christmas?

In this final episode for 2021, learn what is defined as a gift and how much a fund can receive as a gift with SMSF Expert Graeme Colley. Afterall, it could be the perfect present for the person in your life who already has everything! 

Season 2 Episode 11
How does indexation affect superannuation?

There has been great uncertainty around indexation recently and we've seen this affect SMSFs through increased contribution limits and transfer balance caps. SMSF expert Philip La Greca to explore what exactly this means for you.

Season 2 Episode 10
Director ID Changes - What you need to know

With new Director ID requirements now in place, Jess speaks to SMSF experts Anthony and Daniel to explore what this means for directors of corporate trustees.

Season 2 Episode 9
The evolving FinTech space

With a new wave of technology revolutionising the superannuation industry, in this episode our resident tech guru, CTO Andy Forbes shares the latest technology impacting SMSFs and software providers alike.

Season 2 Episode 8
ECPI - tips from an actuary

Hear tips directly from Accurium’s Head of Education, Mark Ellem, on claiming ECPI as well as an important update on the ECPI red tape reduction measures. 

Season 2 Episode 7
Shifting investments out of super

Graeme Colley discusses transferring investments from an SMSF to satisfy super benefits and the intricacies involved. 

Season 2 Episode 6
SMSF structures - The benefits of a corporate trustee

SMSF expert, Philip La Greca discusses how a corporate trustee structure works, the benefits of a corporate trustee and how it might suit your needs and what is required to both setup and change to a corporate trustee.

Season 2 Episode 5
SuperStream - roll in, roll out and roll up

SuperStream changes come in to effect on 1 October 2021 but what does that mean practically for you? Senior SMSF Technical Specialist, Anthony Cullen, discuss what you need to know and do to adhere to these new requirements.

Season 2 Episode 4
The property outlook with Shane Oliver

AMP Capital’s Chief Economist, Dr Shane Oliver, shares an outlook for the property market in Australia’s major cities and SMSF specialist, Graeme Colley.

Season 2 Episode 3
The ins and outs of an SMSF audit with BDO Australia

Geoff Rooney, Audit and Assurance Partner from BDO Australia joins us to discuss the importance of an SMSF audit and auditor independence.

Season 2 Episode 2
Succession planning and SMSFs

Nicholas Ali, Executive Manager SMSF Technical Support at SuperConcepts discusses how you can provide certainty for beneficiaries and ensure the stability of an SMSF with succession planning.

Season 2 Episode 1
SMSF new financial year considerations

Take a deep dive into how to prepare an SMSF for the new financial year with Graeme Colley, Executive Manager SMSF Technical and Private Wealth at SuperConcepts.

Season 1 Episode 16
Budget 2021

Join Anthony Cullen and Phil La Greca as they deep dive into 2021 Budget and impact to SMSFs.

Season 1 Episode 15
Contribution strategies

Tune into SMSF experts Phil La Greca and Graeme Colley as they get you up to speed on turbocharging your client's super contributions. You'll learn about the indexed caps from 1 July, how to use contribution reserving effectively, making the most of carry forward concessional contributions in unusual situations as well as post 65 contribution strategies.

Season 1 Episode 14
Anthony and Nick discuss the SMSFA National Conference

SuperConcepts recently presented at the biggest industry event of the year, the SMSFA National Conference. Our experts Anthony and Nick break down all of the topics and issues discussed for yo

Season 1 Episode 13
The legislative changes to impact SMSFs in 2021

It is going to be a big year for SMSFs with a number of legislative and budget measures still to be determined in Federal Parliament. Philip La Greca and Graeme Colley explore these changes and what effect they may have.

Season 1 Episode 12
SMSFPD Digital 2020 - The Top 4 Hot Questions

We've selected the top 4 questions put forward to our tech team at our Oct SMSFPD Digital Day. Covering questions on fund performance, divorce, LPR & contributions, the team provides clarity on the issues & the practical impacts on clients. Missed the PD? Register here

Season 1 Episode 11
Key considerations when creating an Investment Strategy

SMSF experts Anthony Cullen and Philip La Greca discuss investment strategies, in particular justifying investment choices and recording them within a strategy, also looking at the key considerations before putting one together.

Season 1 Episode 10
Top 6 advantages of having an SMSF

Listen to Nicholas Ali and Graeme Colley discuss the top 6 advantages and disadvantages of having an SMSF. Providing personal lessons and reasons for having one.

Season 1 Episode 9
SMSF Audits in the age of COVID-19

In this episode Nicholas Ali and Graeme Colley discuss SMSF Audits with reference to our 14-point checklist to get you on your way.

Season 1 Episode 8
Corporate Trustee vs Individual Trustee

One of the most frequent and important SMSF questions, which trustee structure should I have? In this episode Philip La Greca and Nicholas Ali answer this question looking at everything you should consider.

Season 1 Episode 7
Super Contribution Changes

In this episode Graeme Colley and Anthony Cullen discuss the changes to super contributions which came about, following the parliament announcement made in the 2019/2020 federal budget.

Season 1 Episode 6
What to look out for with your end of year tax return audit

In this episode Philip La Greca and Nicholas Ali discuss what to look out for in your compulsory tax return audit, following a number of changes this year.

Season 1 Episode 5
Investment strategies in the age of COVID-19

In this episode Philip La Greca and Nicholas Ali discuss how the robustness of SMSF investments and the investment strategy that underpins them are being tested.

Episode 4
Changes to superannuation as a result of COVID 19

In this episode we discuss the changes to superannuation that have occurred as a result of COVID 19. 

Season 1 Episode 3
The latest SMSF regulation updates

In this episode we discuss legislation changes, following an update from the SMSF Association National Conference.

Season 1 Episode 2
Issues with arbitrary limits for super contributions

Based on a recent blog, we discuss how some people benefit while others might not.

Season 1 Episode 1
Calculating a member's total super balance

In this episode we discuss all things related to calculating TSB and a new opportunity to utilise.

Season 1 Introduction
What is SMSF Adventures with Garry?

Join us as we embark on a new and most exciting SMSF adventure.

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