SuperConcepts launches online SMSF learning modules

May 1, 2018, 16:35 PM
SuperConcepts has today released 30 on-line training modules for SMSF practitioners. The modules have been developed by SuperConcepts’ leading team of technical experts to assist SMSF practitioners stay up to date with the latest legislative reforms and to satisfy ongoing CPD obligations.

SuperConcepts’ General Manager of Technical Services and Education, Peter Burgess, said the launch of these training modules heralds a new era of education and CPD opportunities for SMSF practitioners.

“SMSF practitioners now have access to a series of on-line training modules covering all the technical aspects of providing specialist SMSF advice in an easily digestible, scenario based format.”

ASIC, and the professional associations, require licensed advice professionals to undertake regular professional development and to keep records of their training.

The modules have all been assessed for CPD points and as each is completed the participant’s CPD history is automatically updated. They can access their CPD history on-line at any time for compliance monitoring purposes. 

Each module covers a specific SMSF technical topic - for example the in-house asset rules or the definition of a related party. Participants can opt to do just one module to brush up on a specific technical topic or a range of modules and obtain a broader level of SMSF knowledge.

Using the latest on-line learning techniques, the modules take a scenario based approach with students taking on the position of an adviser dealing with a number of virtual client scenarios. Students are provided with potential answers which they are encouraged to research using legislation excerpts, short legislation interpretations and an audio containing interesting anecdotes from SMSF technical experts.

“We didn’t want to overload students with too much technical content in one go so the content is delivered in short bursts across 30 modules with each module taking on average 60 minutes to complete,” Mr Burgess said. 

If all 30 modules are completed within a specified time period, the student will receive a certificate of completion from the University of Adelaide indicating the student has obtained the RG146 SMSF knowledge requirements to provide specialist SMSF advice.

You can download a module and start accumulating CPD points or work towards an advice accreditation. The more modules you do the more CPD points you receive”, Mr Burgess said. 

The modules can be accessed from SuperConcepts’ education webpage.

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