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Features that save you time

SuperMate can help your SMSF business thrive. Leverage automation & smart features for a low monthly fee.



Client Reporting

Get access to well-formatted and easy to read reports at the touch of a button.  Automate and customise your reporting to enhance your SMSF service offering and deliver information to your clients when they need it the most.


Automated Data Loads

Reduce manual data entry, free up staff, and improve work quality with over 200 data feeds available.


Bulk Processing

Save time and money with our bulk processing feature. Process multiple actions across funds - from creating standard letters to creating bulk reports.


Automated Workflows

Automate processes with ease using advanced workflows. SuperMate offers an extensive set of pre-defined workflows, designed to speed you through everyday tasks.



Sleep easy knowing SuperMate is always up to date with the latest compliance changes.

Legal Documentation 

SuperMate simplifies the process of ordering new SMSF establishment documents, deed upgrades and amendments as well as change of trustee documentation.
Integrating with a market leading provider; you can order your SMSF documents directly through SuperMate. 

The required information is taken straight from existing fund information and where additional details are required, the SuperMate tailored wizards will guide you through the data entry process.

All produced documentation is stored directly in SuperMate for printing and future reference.


ViewSuper Dashboard  

ViewSuper helps you collaborate with your clients through a real-time interactive dashboard.


Corporate Actions

Slash processing time and remove the headache of figuring out how to process corporate actions (dividends, DRP, rights issues) – and let SuperMate centralise this for you across all funds.



Harvest real-time business intelligence including trigger-based insights into your clients’ needs or use SuperMate’s bulk extract tool to easily analyse fund, member and investment data across your site.


Depreciation Schedules

Automatically track depreciation ensuring complete and accurate operating statements and balance sheets.



As part of the SuperStream reforms, superannuation funds, including SMSFs, are to accept employer contributions and other information from employers electronically.  SuperMate gives you the tools to manage client information, such as Electronic Service Address (ESA) requirements, easily.



SuperMate’s actuarial certificate service streamlines the process for requesting actuarial certificates from leading providers in the market.


BAS/IAS Returns

End the tedium of quarterly or annual BAS/IAS lodging. SuperMate interacts with the ATO directly and electronically, receiving and loading pre-filled information and then automatically combining it with information extracted from SuperMate.


Document Management System (DMS)

Imagine an SMSF software where you don’t have to create a separate filing system - the system does it for you. Now that’s savvy!
You can now upload scanned or emailed documents into SuperMate via an innovative document management system.

Through SuperMate, you can add documents singularly, or in bulk across multiple funds. Each document can be linked to a specific fund, member and transaction.

Once a document is uploaded and indexed, you can choose to make it visible to your clients and advisers via ViewSuper — the portal which provides online fund access.

DMS houses all your SMSF-related documents, regardless of format, including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs and image files so you have the convenience of storing all documents in one place!


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Cloud-based Software

With SuperMate, you’ll have the convenience of moving all your SMSF admin to a secure site on the internet, no matter what size your business is.


Pension Processing

Handle all the intricacies of pensions simply and quickly. SuperMate provides an end-to-end pension solution to efficiently and correctly handle your clients’ pension needs. This includes providing quotes and calculating entitlements, commutations and reversions at any date in the year, as well as running processes across all your clients’ funds in bulk.


Tax Statement Automation

Streamline tax statement processing with SuperMate’s Annual Tax Statements screen. SuperMate brings together all fund assets that are likely to receive an annual tax statement requiring tax components to be entered, showing you the current status of all tax statement records in one screen.


Data Integrity Checks

SuperMate’s Data Audit Wizard functionality ensures integrity of your data and can be embedded into workflows for greater automation.


Transaction Centre

Create efficiency by automating what was once a time-consuming and manual process! With access to over 200 automated data feeds, all purchases and sales are matched to the cash transaction and automatically processed for reliable, daily reconciled data. 


Transfer Balance Account Reporting (TBAR)

This function provides bulk electronic lodgement of multiple TBAR events.