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27 Sep, 2018

Helping you get proficient with SuperMate’s powerful new features

At SuperMate we don’t just deploy new features and leave you to it. Instead, we offer ongoing training and support to help you understand the software and get the most out of it.

Transfer balance account report (TBAR) – training available

SuperMate’s TBAR functionality has been enhanced to include clearer file names for the TBAR reports, and the ability to generate a trustee declaration for signing before you lodge the TBAR with the ATO.

Training is available in the form of a video. Login to SuperMate, go to the Training menu, choose Further Training and select the relevant video.

Automated end-of-year workflow – training available

SuperMate has recently been updated with a new end-of-year workflow for 2018 funds. 

With more automation than ever before, SuperMate uses the data held within your funds to direct you to the screens needing to be completed.

A training video is available. Login to SuperMate, go to the Training menu, choose Basic Training and select the video, which demonstrates the process step by step.

You can also train in our Sandpit

Our Sandpit is a training version of SuperMate which allows you to learn the software.

If you’d like to learn the latest features, including end-of-year workflow, in a safe and supported environment, email and we’ll set you up with access.


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