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29 Aug, 2018

Australia's top SMSF experts now just a phone call away

SMSF practitioners looking for expert guidance on technical issues can now access Australia’s foremost experts.

The SuperConcepts technical team has opened its doors to SMSF professionals who want guidance on transactions, strategies and legislation.

Called TechAssist, it’s the first time the service has been made available to anyone outside the SuperConcepts client base.

“We’ve seen demand for access to our technical team skyrocket due to their renowned status as the best experts in the SMSF sector, so it was time to open up their services to the broader market,” says Natasha Fenech, CEO, SuperConcepts.

The team is led by, Peter Burgess, General Manager - Technical Services and Education, and boasts many of the most respected names in the SMSF sector including Graeme Colley, Philip La Greca, Mark Ellem and Nick Ali

“The size and experience of our team means we are uniquely positioned to offer a first-class technical assist service that is scalable and cost effective,” says Mr Burgess.

“For years we have been assisting our clients by providing guidance on SMSF transactions and strategies. Clients often call us seeking a second opinion or asking for our assistance with a particular compliance matter.” 

While advice providers who use SuperMate or have clients with SMSFs being administered by SuperConcepts will continue to have complementary access to the SuperConcepts technical team, other advice providers will now be able to gain access for a monthly subscription fee of $99.

For advice providers who are not clients of SuperConcepts, a TechAssist subscription means they can now get access to the largest and most experienced team of SMSF technical experts in the country for a monthly fee which, subject to some conditions, can be switched off at any time should they no longer require or value the service.

TechAssist members receive up to one hour of technical support each month, access to monthly technical update webinars, discounted course rates and regular bulletins with technical articles.

More details can be found here

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