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20 Jan, 2017

SuperMate release 4.1.3

Our recent SuperMate release 4.1.3 introduced many new features and improvements.

Get to know them a little better. After all, they’re squarely designed to help make your fund administration more effective and efficient – and to enhance your value to clients.

Generate legal documents within SuperMate

SuperMate’s integration with Topdocs enables you to order SMSF documents seamlessly from within SuperMate, including:

  • Change of Trustee
  • Change of Trustee with Deed Upgrade
  • Company Registration
  • Pension Commencement
  • SMSF Bare Trust Bank Lender
  • SMSF Bare Trust Related Party Lender
  • SMSF Deed Update
  • SMSF Establishment
  • SMSF Investment Strategy
  • SMSF Lost Deed

You have the flexibility to select the documents you would like available for ordering. Initially, all documents will be available, however, for ease and convenience you can limit this list.

Standard letters are not affected by this new functionality and will continue to operate as normal.

Save time with Australian Money Market (AMM) integration

An automated data integration is now available for AMM to capture term deposit and call account transactions and balances. The integration saves time by eliminating manual data entry – and also automatically reconciles the asset’s balance in SuperMate with the external institution.

Improved tracking of fixed interest investments

We have introduced new detailed fixed interest processing, allowing you to easily track and report on institutions, rates and maturities for term deposits in SuperMate and ViewSuper. The Australian Money Market integration makes use of this new functionality.

Erroneous SuperStream messages – no longer a hassle

Where SuperStream contribution messages have been received in error, they can now be rejected electronically.

Take for example a message relating to person who is no longer a member of the fund you administer. Previously, you would have to contact the contribution sender to advise them of the error. Now, you can simply reject the message in SuperMate.

Further information

For more information, please contact the SuperMate Support Team on 1300 359 335 or by email at


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